Discover how to create the smooth running, profitable, multimillion-dollar business you really want.

     Is this you?

    • Is your 7-figure contracting business not the consistently growing, profitable business that you want it to be?
    • Do you want a business that virtually runs itself, but as you’ve grown have your headaches, stress and hours at work grown too?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

And here’s something important you should know:

The keys to success in running a 7-figure contracting business are different from running a smaller business

Yet, odds are you’re still running your business the same way that you did when you were a much smaller company. This could be stunting your growth, limiting your profit and adding stress, frustration, and hours to your workday.

You need new management techniques, structures and tools to run your business successfully now that your business has grown.

When you crossed the million-dollar threshold, you reached a new level in your business with new challenges and new success requirements. Who knew? From here on out, you need to start managing your company like the CEO of a major corporation.

Transforming how you run your business can be a challenge

It’s hard to rise above the day to day to make real change. It’s not like you don’t have a million other things to do! Figuring out how to run a 7-figure business successfully can be a frustrating trial and error process filled with mistakes and false starts.

We can help

Hi, I’m Bill Silverman, Owner of Springboard Business Coaching. I help dedicated contractors with businesses larger than $1 million who want to up their game, become great business owners, and create businesses they’re really proud of.

Drawing on my 25 years of senior management experience at companies such as Marriott and CIGNA and my five years of experience coaching large contractors, I have created a step-by-step system to help you create a great multimillion dollar business. I customize the process to meet your needs, and help you use the best management practices from corporate America to help you succeed with your growing business.

Clients who have used this system have reported:

    • 15% – 30% increases in sales
    • Up to six-figure increases in profit
    • 20% to 30% more free time to spend doing other things they love
    • A greater feeling of control and personal accomplishment at work every day
    • Having more fun at work

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